Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sightseeing with Timothy

Waiting for the dancers to start. I love watching and listening to them.

Inside Jahilli Fort.

Google this fellow and see what you come up with. Some people come to earth and do amazing good things.

Having a break between sessions, practice in the fort.

If you enlarge this photos notice the old men in the group.

Back view. ;)

The canes are important in the dance routine. Tim now is the proud owner of his own cane. Top shelf variety with metal tips on the top and bottom.

The head nod is very subtle.

I think the dance represents a battle between two groups. See how they lean forward.

A wide shot, with Matthew to the left in the photo, just in front of the tape.

Notice how the men link arms. This helps to keep everyone in unison. Tim didn't do too bad for his public debut.

This is a medium size troupe of about 60. I love the sound of the drums and the singing. The swaying movement is hypnotic.

This row of dancers is facing another row behind the drumers.

One of these is not like the other...

A great time was had by the learner and the teachers.

Tim never stopped smiling.

Tim being initiated in the dance troupe.

The boyz were really tired. Christmas day. This photo was taken at the Palace Museum.

Green in the desert.

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