Monday, December 21, 2009

On the Road in Jordan

The nicest ride we had. Matthew getting in the Merc on our way back to Amman. We had some wonderful stops on the way.

Children on top of stuff travelling along the highway to the Dead Sea.

Coming into the Dead Sea area. Paddocks and Paddocks of tomatoes.

Get thee up into the mountains, took on a whole new meaning.

Mountains everywhere we went.

Men standing in the back of a ute. This was on the same stretch of road to the Dead Sea.

The view!!

Matthew took a photo of me. I was too afraid to get out here.

It was so windy I was afraid we would get blown off the mountain.

Click on this to enlarge. Amazing but beautiful also.

One of our drivers. On the way to the Dead Sea. I stood way back here to take this photo. It was so windy.

The view of the mountains, the rocky land. People actually living there.

On the way to the Marriott at Petra these goats are in a pen. no shelter.

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