Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Dead Sea

This is all back to front. This is our driver when we left the Zepenski to return to Amman for our flight back to Dubai. This was the nicest ride we had. Matthew ended up sitting in the front for more leg room But the Merc was very comfy.

Full moon over the hotel.

Full moon.

Sunset over the Dead Sea.

Moi washing off the mud.

The mud. If one had remembered her togs one would have had mud over all exposed parts. :)

Floating away, it was cold. Funny feeling.

Salt crystals.

Matthew floating. Someone remembered to bring his togs.

Looking over the heated round pool to the Dead Sea. I didn't get to try the heated pool as one is not allowed to swim in ones clothes.

Before the swim. There are 17 million Olive trees in Jordan. That is 3 for every person.

Olive trees lined the path.

Before the swim.

The pool outside our room.

Looking from our patio towards the pool.

Security. This was before the President of Turkey arrived. The hotel kept us waiting 20 mins or more until the President was in his villa. So they upgraded us. Phew, it was lovely.

Security at the door.

Almost at our hotel, this is the Dead Sea. Across the water is Jericho.

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