Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas - gift sharing

Ooops, how did that get in there.

This year Matthew gave me money to buy myself a gift as he hadn't done any shopping. So I bought a digital photo frame. Matthew and Tim will be moving to a Villa while I am home so we haven't even set it up. To be fair, I did get some silver jewlery he bought from the Monastry at the top of old Petra.

This Indian family, came visiting after 11pm on Christmas Day. Matthew & I were dead upstairs and luckily Timothy and Emily were still awake. They brought in 2 big cakes, they had come form mass. They just live down the road and Emily & I were invited into their humble home. I will take a photo of the work they are doing in their front garden. Anyway they asked Emily where her chubby sister (ME) was. I was already fast asleep. The chubby sister thing stuck and will be refered to in the photos of our camel ride.

There are a few things in life that are precious.

Timothy's friend gave us a lovely calendar for 2010.

ThankS Buddy.

A Chess board. The challenge is one, from Timothy.

Also from Timothy, the most delicious nuts in the world. Boy are they good - so morish. Timothy even added more to the pack. Wow! what a gift. Matthew has always loved getting nuts at Christmas.

Timothy also received gifts. Camel rides in the desert. Photos up soon.

A DVD from his sweetheart. Notice the time and the art work on the wall.

Hey, Timothy gave great gifts, The box is a blender. Tarsina made me such wonderful fresh juices everyday when I was in Qatar. I also wanted to try and make Mohd's famous BBQ with Black Lemon.

Our 10' Christmas tree - well actually it is a close up of an 18" tree and we had to put it on a chair to put gifts under it. :) I delegated the shopping for a Christmas tree to Matthew. This is what we got. ;)

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