Monday, December 21, 2009

River Jordan

In the distance a military tower is seen from the Elijah hill. Where it is reported that Elijah was taken up.

A very deep well, protected by a flimsy timber rail. No OHS here.

I was taken by this weed. Terrible thorns.

A cave chapel. If you enlarge this you might be able to read the info.

When we were at the River Jordan we heard what we thought were explosions but the guard didn't acknowledge it so we didn't think anything of it. There is construction going on around there infact something like 9 different churchs have buildings there. It was only on our return trip that another explosion was heard then the cloud of smoke seen. The guard then told us that Israel was exploding land mines. They gather 4 or 5 together then with one explosion destroy them. If Israel sets off aexplosion they must inform the Jordan post, if Jorda set detinates then they must notify Israel. This is quite a distance away but could be heard clearly and the smoke seen easily by the naked eye.

Me standing in the River Jordan. It was freezing. The older lady in white beside me along with 2 other ladies immersed themselves 3 times in the water. it was REALLY cold. So cold it made my legs ache. The armed guards watched carefully so they never drifted to the other side.

Israel in the background with the River Jordan separating. Armed guards were present on both sides. We were instructed not to respond or call out to the tourists on the opposite side of the river.

A close up of the entrance stone.

Reportedly to be the bones of John the Baptist.

Matthew at the entrance to the River Jordan.

One of 3 possible places where Jesus was baptised. The Arab tour guide was quoting from the Old and New Testament.

Possible site where Jesus was baptised. No water there now unless it rains. Neither Matthew nor I felt any significance at this spot. Still an interesting site.

Matthew at a viewing platform. The Jordan River isn't a very clean looking river.

Trees that lined the River Jordan.

Our driver from the Dead Sea with Matthew. This is the truck we rode in to the River Jordan. We were constantly told to stay together as a group because we were entering a working military zone.

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