Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Bosing Day Camel ride

Anyone got a good caption??

What did the camel say to the good lookin' fellow??

At the end of the camel ride.

We made it in one piece. As a tip we gave 10dhs whcih is only $3. It really doesn't seem like much but he was happy with that. We checked on the amount with our driver.

One wise mummy (ME) and one wise daddy (MATTHEW) shadow.

Oh what a view.

Sheep and goats wander together.

We saw some that had long nails on their feet. Nothing to wear them down in the desert. I couldn't help but think of some very special goats in Brisbane and their living conditions.

A beautiful clear day, early on the winters morning of Boxing Day 2009. Sheep, goats and camels live with there herdsmen.

A desert bush.

A camp fire dies out from the night before. Click to enlarge to see the living conditions of these men.

Camel workers and living accomdation.

Camp, where is the fresh running water?? Where is the ac??

I never tire of the rolling sand dunes. It's a good view from where I am.

My shadow is at the back and Matthew in front of me.

A desert plant.

Oh the view and quiet, except for the camel breathing heavy near Timothy.

Timothy talking to the other camel, it seemed he has asthma. It kept coming up along side of Tim.

A big concrete wall in the desert protecting someone's oasis and Date palms.

Poor Matthew had a metal bar at the back where his left hand is and it kept rubbing on his tail bone.

Looks good in the saddle.

A scarecrow in the desert that has a lampshade for a head. The orange tarp is covering the feed for the animals.

What a beautiful clear sky.

Almost there.

Phew! It is trickier than you think. How did they travel for hours and days.

Ready, My camel seemed a bit cranky, I think it was saying, "How come I get the chubby sister?? I always get the chubby sister!!!"
I was worried before the thing even stood up.

Matthew was first. We arrived at the camp in the 4x4 in the background. The driver was a lovely Indian man. He taught us a new phrase "Lazy Crazy".

Camel feed being laid out. Really only palm fronds.

Camel hospital.

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