Monday, November 23, 2009

National Day Celebrations Nov 09


Dancers still dancing.

a sweet made with cardemom, it was like a crumble. I would love to put it on an apple bake.

A spicy chicken dish.

The old man in white had been sitting by the fire telling stories. They were happy for me to have my photo taken with them.

Sweet noodles.

circle donuts.

Some bling I bought in Qatar for a time such as this. I am wearing a headpiece, necklace, and hand thingo.

The dancers. Only men dance in public. I will try to upolad a video. They have a little head nod and a bounce that is mesmerizing. If you enlarge this photo you can see how they link arms. This contact helps them move as one.

The Police/army band that never made it to the Edinburgh Tattoo.

The cutest little fellow. He just wanted his mum's car keys, then he was happy.

He had the shoes, singlet and white trousers as well. Cute little button.

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