Thursday, November 19, 2009

Doha in Pictures Nov 09 - Part 1

Real shepherds. One would call the sheep and the others would walk behind. I have a video to upload. They herd them between the trucks.

At first I didn't want to look for fear the sheep was dead. But then I saw it wriggling, and I snapped the photo.

Asma is so funny, she finds Sudanese people everywhere. These are shepherds also.

Undercover, fruit and Vege markets.

Outdoors fruit and vege markets.

A beautiful home in Doha, and at night it is lit up.

3rd - As were were trying to get off the boat.

2nd - The empty chair there is because 1 fellow was afraid of his wife. :) For more detail of the stories and photos you will have to read my blog.

1st - climbing aboard wasn't as easy as you think. :p

I love this photo of Asma looking across to the Islamic museum.

In Brisbane, there would be a warning sign, in Qatar there is a man holding a flag out. I have even seen the same in the UAE.

Tarsina and Asma carrying a bag of rice to prepare for distribution. It must have weighed twice as Tarsina. I loved the way she called me Mamma Rhonda. Tarsina has the most beautiful smile and nothing was ever too much trouble.

Up to our elbows sorting onions for distribution. I loved being with Asma for distributions. Ever since I met Asma I have desired to travel with her on her distributions. At times she and Tarsina are so busy.

We went to visit Mohd at his work. The fellow walking towards me is also Mohammed. The other fellow doesn't speak english. Their office is decked out in very traditional tent like decor.

Coming into Mohd's work, he is walking out to greet us.

It has almost been a month since the fire and it is as it was left.

Near where we used to live we could walk to the curly mosque. These burnt out shops were just a few shops away from the curly mosque. A really busy area for people and traffic, it would have been a nightmare to get emergency vehicles and people to the site.

If you notice the awning of the station was wredked when an underground petrol storage tank exploded. There is a wall around the site now, but for a while Asma said you could just look in and see that it looked like a bomb had exploded.

This bus was parked at the station when the explosion occured.

Mohammed cooking his famous and most delicious kababs.

The blurb about the most expensive car I have ever seen. Over $1.5m Aus. Click on the photo to enlarge and read the other info. There were some very tall men from Ghana walking past and I asked one to take the photos.

Back view.

Looking inside.

Safely behind a wall of glass with security officers off to the side.

A girls day out, even if we did get lost. We ended up at the Intercon. There was a clown doing some face painting for the little ones. Ola and her friend had their hands done. Cute.

Zig-zag buildings. Almost completed. Still had the scaffolding 2yrs ago.

The girls. The door behind me is Asma's office where all the important stuff happens.

Dressed now to go and surprise Asma. Ola had to show me how to put everything on the right way. Mohd bought it especially for me. Good fit as well.

Hundreds and even thousands of cars are dumped at the airport by expats fleeing the country. They have got themselves into so much debt there, and with no treaty to bring them back.

On the way to Dubai. A new road under construction. It will be 7 lanes each side. You may not notice but the lighting goes all the way along the road. I love how it appears the road disappears into the desert.

Driving to Dubai. As we were approaching this truck. I snapped the photo thinking there may be a camel inside. It wasn't until I was looking at my photos on the computer, I saw all the men. If you click on the image to enlarge you will see some peeping through the back of the truck.

This is how one transports a camel.

Still on our way to Dubai - it is over 1hr 40mins from Al Ain, we came around a bend and noticed the police car. Just had time to snap a photo.

The landscape between Al Ain and Dubai. I love the rolling sand dunes. I never tire of the view. I do think it interesting how they have trees between the road and the desert.

Livestock transport.

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