Friday, November 20, 2009

Doha Nov 09 in Pictures - Part 2

Lovely tradition, when the guest (female) leaves the hostess brings out an assortment of perfumes for the guest to use.

I had a most delicious brunch, this is my friend Asma at one end of the room.

Looking at the other end of the room. This is where we sat to eat.

Incense when I arrived, I learnt to wave the smoke towards myself and even hold it under my armpit so that the smoke permiates all your clothes.

The incense burner is on the floor and I had to hold out the top of my skirt and blouse so the smoke went all through my clothes. Or, maybe I just smelt really bad. My face is red because I never wore make up, during the day it would just slide off anyway.

Is that a Villa or Vella for rent??

My first trip on distribution, this is Asma with one of her regulars. He sits at the little shoe repair shop at the corner of the street. I forget his name, maybe Bersheer.

This shopping centre has a river, at the right of the photo. When we were there 2yrs ago this section wasn't completed.

Driving past one day I watched this fellow walk with his sledge hammer.

Cheeky Ola took this photo when I was emailing Matthew.

At the camel markets.

Ah, this was a huge camel, I was too frightened to walk closer to get a photo - he/she was huge. So I used digital zoom. :)

Camel markets.

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