Sunday, November 1, 2009

2 funny stories

This will be brief, my camera is broken grrr. I feel lost with no camera.

I volunteer at the Deaf Unit Sunday and Monday. I assist in Gr 2 English, Gr 4 English, Gr 4 Science and Gr 2 Arabic. I arrived this morning, being away last Monday due to illness. They have moved classrooms around and made one classroom a staff lounge. Lovely brand new L shape lounge, rugs, lockers, fridge a couple of staff work areas and a large mirror to check your makeup before you veil to go outside.

I was following my timetable today and noticed that my Gr 4 Science class had a new teacher. So I dutifully and attentivly listened. As the class is given in Arabic, I don't often know what is being taught. By the end of class I thought to myself, I think I am in the wrong class. As it turns out, I was indeed in the wrong class - instead of Gr 4 Science I think it was Gr 6 Islamic studies. So I think I learnt that Allah was the creator of the sky and the ground.

Timothy arrived safely last Friday evening. Matthew did a great job with very little guidance from Louise (Our female GPS voice) to the International Airport Terminal 1. Timothy had left the US with snow on the ground and rooftops and landed in 37 degree heat. He surrvived. Matthew and Tim drove up Jabbell Hafeek mountain and a couple of other sites on the Saturday. Saturday evening we were invited to celebrate Halloween. That was a fun evening after Tim had napped for about 4hrs in the afternoon. I taught the group charades that you spell out the word using your bottom. It was a good laugh. Matthew arranged for a driver to pick Tim up this morning at our place and drive him to Dubai for his first day at work. I know he was nervous and excited at the same time. I must admit it is lovely to have him around after 2 1/2 years separation.

The last story really isn't mine but needs to shared. Eliza and Hannah have been in Melbourne babysitting while Naomi and Michael were on a work trip to Hong Kong. This is their story as I received it, and Naomi's response.

Hannah Glen
funniest moment tonight was when Liza and I put the twins (18months) into the bath after dinner, I went back to the kitchen to clean when I heard my sister shout "there's a poo in the bath" (Stella's). She put them into the shower while we scrubbed the bath and all the toys cause it was really stuck... on some of them. Liza then looked into the shower and saw another poo on the floor (Roxy's). Gotta love them!

Eliza Glen
twins = 2 lots of poop. Stella pooped in the bath so we put them in the shower, Roxy pooped in the shower. clever girls.

Naomi Tempany
and all before i arrived back in the country! Good girls!

Bye for now Love RG.

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