Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Random Photos

Money = notes I didn't put all of them up, but I thought the 1000dhs a good one to have.

We were shopping for furniture. This piece caught my eye. Not much good for communication but I liked it.

In the same furniture shop. Bedroom furniture. Gotta love the Middle East.

Can you read what type of milk is in the yellow lid bottle??? I will try that and let you know.

In the middle of Al Ain.

Our yellow bathroom, we also have blue and pink. :)

Abu Dhabi - 7 star motel behind the picture. Will go inside one day.

A palace in Abu Dhabi and will go inside one day. :) stay tuned

Today I am in the library at Matthew's work. No fridge, washing machine still not connected and no internet at home yet. So came to catch up on emails and to see if I could access my tafe course. Her are some photos. It is Ramadan so no drinking or eating in public. I cleaned all the downstairs walls in the appartment, yesterday. It is more like a townhouse I guess. I have become a fan of tiles, in the bathroom simply turn on the hose and wash the walls and floor. easy. Then just push the water down the drain. easy. Cool as well in this weather.

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