Saturday, August 29, 2009

Jabel Hafeet - Our Mountain trip

Today is Sunday and a normal working day over here. I came to Matthew's work to try to access my tafe course. It is so difficult not having the internet at home yet. Hopefully this week. I haven't been successful with getting into my course so here I am - updating my blog. Lots of young women have started back today. Matthew looks so handsome in his suit, white shirt and red tie. He is now addressed as Dr Matthew. It sounds good.

We had dinner out last night with one of Matthew's work colleagues. We went Indian. People here are so friendly, and welcoming. I even met the Director this morning as we walked in, he talked to me as if we were old friends.

Wednesday night we will be going to my first Ifta. I think that is how it is spelt. This is the meal that breaks their fast.

Yesterday (Saturday) we set off early to avoid the heat and the traffic. Let me just say half way up the mountain I felt the blood drain from my head, then my legs turned to jelly, and my upper limbs were weak. I don't do heights very well at all. Of course it was somewhat dusty but we have been told that on a clear day (probably Novemberish) you can see for 100miles. There was a gentle breeze and seemed to only be about 30 degrees.

This is the view on the way in.
We came across a little resturant/cafe at the bottom. Of course it was closed because of Ramadan. If you click on the photo to enlarge it you will see the newly planted trees.
There are a number of swimming pools. Today this one was closed but thought this notice worth taking a photo of.
Here you can see how they make the mountainside green. If you enlarge this photos right in the middle is a blue figure setting the huge sprinkler. This is one of the labourers.
Took this photo to show how far up the green goes.
This is where we are going.

At the top. Not many people because of Ramadan and the heat. Three things to point out. 1. The tyre marks. Young men and their big fast cars. It is a looooooong way down - begs to ask - why would you?!! 2. The resturant and 3. what seems like a dirt track going further up the mountain. I was so scared up here.

I was feeling awful so stayed in the car and had to lay the seat back to try to get blood to my head. You can see the street light, at night you can see the lights dotted along the road winding up the mountain. (ps I will never go up at night). The other thing you can notice is how the mountain has be cut and the layers of stone. Matthew thought he was funny taking this photo of me.

Matthew took this photo for me. A private residence right on the edge. If you click to enlarge you might notice there is a part that while it has what appears to be concrete beams supporting under, has nothing else to support them. Then it looks like they are also building a walk to the edge of the cliff. Now you also might notice that there is water irrigation down the side of the mountain. How did they put that there??

Looking back to where we had just come from. Matthew took this photo as well. It is a looong way down and to me it seemed so unstable.

We made it down safely but I never saw a thing on the way down. I couldn't open my eyes.

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