Friday, August 14, 2009

The Adventure Begins

Really our adventure started last week-end with a trip to Melbourne for lots of cuddle time with our family. Melbourne was cold, but with a couple of clear days, Zoe told me, "It's sunny sometimes Nana."
We left Brisbane at 12 midday yesterday, and arrived in Sydney with enough time to rush to the loo and onto the waiting flight. Thanks to a dear friend our flight was comfortable for Matthew as we got to sit in the exit row. I took my tablet and with many thanks to those who offered prayers for me, I travelled rather comfortably. We were in such a rush, I didn't even get to take photos.
By 10.30pm it was time to take other medication. So I took one of everything I had in my purse. :) I guess I slept for a good 4hrs after that. ;) Then just 3hrs left on the plane. Today every now and then I get a wave of motion/jet lag I guess.
Etihad is really a good airline with such good service. The pilot was super with his takeoff and landing . Our room is comfy and essentially air conditioned. When we arrived last night at midnight it was 35 degrees with expected 45 today. I haven't gone out yet, but there are families at the pool area.
Our breakfast was indeed a feast for the eyes and belly. I am trying to be careful with what I eat and need to increase my exercise, with a Diet area option at the breakfast area, I still left the table full. I will take a photo tomorrow of a delicious traditional food, chick peas with olive oil and lemon. mmmmm There was a variety of jams that contained whole figs and I tried pumpkin jam with almonds and chunks of what was more like candied pumpkin. I also tried an Arabic Carob Molasses, thinking it might be similar to Nutella. Nope, nothing like it. Don't need to try that again. :) Nice, just not sweet like chocolate, a bit more bitter like carob.
The service here is great, and will possibly see our apartment tomorrow. Thanks for letting me share my adventure with you. Love RG


  1. Glad you are safe!!! I like your view... Take care..Love Ursula

  2. Food sounds yummy! Hope you settle in well...

  3. Poppy isn't blogging. Only me. My head is spinning so I think I need to have a Nana nap. Matthew has had to go in to work. Love RG

  4. Glad you arrived safely. What work are you there for this time? You sure sound tired, but I am sure that will go.

    Jane Furey (on Gold Coast)

  5. I always enjoy reading your adventures Rhonda!
    Enjoy every moment of it!
    We will miss you and Matthew but at least you left offspring here in Brisbane that we can enjoy!

  6. Fabulous area. I can't wait to see your apartment.

    I'm so glad that you made it safely!