Saturday, August 29, 2009

Our Neighbourhood

See all the 4 wheel drives and fancy cars. Someone has planted a little plot over the road from their place. In the right hand corner is the back of our little shops.

Our local shops. 3 grocery shops, 2 laundries, 1 chicken hut, a pizza place, and a pens and books.

Sunrise to the left of our building. Matthew hugging our street sign, we live on 16th St.

This wicked little plant is full of thorns. The tiny green leaves. A real desert plant. It looks like a nothing weed but...

This is what it grows into.

A house down the road. Notice the boundry of trees. The gardener has built up around the base to create a well.

Fell in love with this little fellow. I guess he is for the Meat Eid later in the year. I must try to remember to take some lettuce leaves for him. I have never seen any water out for him.

Cats. Every bin has a resident cat. Almost - not quite as bad as Doha. You might also be able to notice the dust on the date leaves.

Our building.

Looking left from our driveway towards the sunrise.

Looking right from our driveway. See the Mosque at the end of our street. Also the big green bins, I think they get emptied at least twice a week. Not sure what days yet.
I really need to now do some reading for my course. So it's been fun, and thanks for letting me share my adventure in Al Ain.

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