Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Western Wall

Looking from the top of the men's section across the women's section to a walk way.

On the Sabbath there was this huge group of young men including soldiers. They were singing & dancing and celebrating one of the young men who was going to get married in the next week.

The groom to be is hoisted up on friends shoulders.

Matthew now ready to enter the mens section at the Western Wall.

On the Sabbath preparing for all the men that will arrive at sunset.

I loved this. A father bringing his 4 sons to pray with him at the Western Wall.

Here the father is teaching by example. Washing before prayer.

the Kitchen for the Needy. These young men were dancing and singing.


The Western Wall behind me.

Walking into the Western Wall and there is another bomb thingo.

Security to enter the Western Wall. Left side for the men, right side for women.

Notice which line Matthew is heading to line up in. ;)

Street sign. Michael, Naomi in the distance & my Matthew.

Timothy took this photo. Loved it.

Mt of Beatitudes.

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