Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Grand Millennium

The hotel is next door to a mall. Great location for grocery shopping.

This building around the corner. If you enlarge the photo to see the left bottom corner you will notice the poor condition of the cement.

A parking meter. Parking is a terrible issue in this city. One of the attractions to living here is allocated parking.

The GM hotel in the background. The foreground is the sport stadium. You will notice the gates which we discovered people actually live under the stadium.

This I thought was interesting, between the 2 buildings you can see the shade cloth, this is how you get privacy from your neighbours. You will see it more clearly in the next photo.

The said shade cloth privacy wall. I reckon it is about 3 stories high.

another view of where people live under the stadium. The bottom level windows.

If you park in the wrong area you risk being towed away.

A look inside the stadium.

At the back of the hotel is the bus/taxi station.

Our hotel, the crane is working on the extension of the mall.

Here is the view from the 19th floor. This is looking towards the sports stadium. A free seat for any event.

A birds eye view of the bus station.

There is a walk way between the apartment side and the hotel side. Said "Look Mum and almost made me look down."

Here I tried to walk to the edge of the hall to take a photo, but my legs literally froze & I couldn't move. But look at the cable discs on the roof over the road.

View from our hotel window on the 19th floor. The tent shape roof is actually the mall.

A bit of a dusty day.

Too tired to go out for dinner. His Majesty enjoying room service.

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