Monday, May 2, 2011

Israel - 1

The home of Peter, Andrew & Matthew. Mark 1:29; Matt 9:9

Lump in my throat wishing my dad could be here with me.

It was on the holy mount that Peter received these keys from the Savior, Moses & Elijah. (Matt 17:1-12)

Looking across the Sea of Galilee.

Samuel paddling in the Sea of Galilee.

Mt of Beatitudes.

Just couldn't believe I was here.

Crossing from Jordan to Israel through No-mans land on the bus. In the distance are army look out buildings.

what a stark land.

No sure what they do there. :)

We came across this little museum of Nativities.


The wall is sooo high. Here we are leaving Bethlehem to return to Jerusalem.

Approaching the Westbank crossing.

We have to walk through the buildings to exit.

To walk where Jesus walked.

The humble door where one is forced to bend down so as to enter the church. Plus enemies couldn't ride their horses into the church.

The view.

Bethshan or Bethshean
Josh 17:11, 16; 1 Sam 31:10-13

The Rainbow.

Young Jewish Bride.

Bath Stalls


Rain clouds build.

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