Thursday, September 10, 2009

An update

I have met some lovely people in the past week or so. My dear friend Asma in Qatar came from Sudan and I have met here another lady fromSudan - Illhem (not sure how to spell her name yet.). Her family are not very well off but they have welcomed me into their home and living. Her kitchen is a room without airconditioning. Illhem has 1 son studying in Sudan, 2 sons here and one daughter Sara. Illhem has been here for 15yrs. I met Illhem when I was walking home from the corner shops after 3pm one day. It was very hot. A car stopped in front of me and she put her head out of the passengers window as her son was driving, and bid me hop in. I tried to decline saying I only lived just down there. Her reply was I know. They dropped me at my door and invited me to come visit one day. I was really missing my sisters and family one day so went for a walk to visit. I was welcomed and made feel really at home. Another day even after I had eaten dinner I went for a visit. They were just getting ready to break their fast and I was invited.

I felt so humbled in their home. Newspaper was laid on the floor and the containers of food placed on top. Then the family sat around to eat. I was offered the lounge chair, but I went to sit on the floor. The father Hussan spoke something to Mortomon (17yr old son) and he left the room returning with a cushion for me to sit on. Luckily I had heard previously that when you sit on the floor the bottoms of your feet must face away. So I sat sidesaddle style on the cushion on the floor.

Illhem makes her own juice to break their fast and they eat dates as the prophet Mohammed did. Oh I should also mention they use only the right hand to eat. I was given a spoon, but will use my hand if I am ever invited again.

Matthew & I have joined the local choir. Every Sunday evening at the local English speaking school. There was about 50 there last week. It costs 50dhs (about $15) to join and this covers photocopying. Our first song was 'For Unto Us a Child Is Born'. I loved it and sit between to good strong altos. They apparently put on a Christmas production every year. So stay posted.

I learned this week that if you need a plumber then need an electrian the same fellow comes. hehe Who would have thought. The men in Manual Arts would have an absolute field day here.

Tues night I joined the local Historical Society and Matthew went off to play tennis. The HS has maps of places to go and things to do. They have some very qualified people and interest groups, eg photography, mountain climbing, 4 wheel driving, people who know all the bugs, birds, and snakes. I will try to go out with him now and then to get photos of the animals for my nephew Caleb.

Mathew will have a new Admin Assistant start this Sunday. I will stay for a couple of days to help, but she is a previous student and probably knows more than me. So then I can get stuck into my study.
I heard statistics of road deaths here in the UAE from a teacher who got them last year from the ministry. With a population of about 5mil there were 8 000 road fatalities. That doesn’t include deaths at construction sites, natural causes or house fires.

No photos this week, I am working on the perfect sunrise shot. Love to all. RG

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