Saturday, September 26, 2009

This week in Pictures

2 policeman. The one beside me has 3 stripes on his arm the other only has 1 stripe. :)

Here is a full view of similiar of what we were also sitting on.

This fellow was standing in the scorching sun loading up his wheelbarrow. If you notice the top colour of his shirt is darker - because he was so sweaty. Some of those boxes were very heavy because I saw him lift some. There are some men that colour their hair a red. Not sure why, will have to find out.

The water is very clear. This coral was growing on the platform.

This is how close we were to the water.

The little fellow with the red collar in the middle of the boat is driving it. It is the cheapest experience in Dubai at 1dh =.30c each to cross the river.

Shop after shop of gold. I took this photo with Matthew standing outside of one shop, but if you look carefully above the B and to the right the sunlight coming through is a torn tarp. So there is so much money there but nobody repairs the roof. A little further down the was some construction going on.

Gold belts in one shop window.

Above these 2 fellows are head pieces worn by brides.

An aboslute must is air conditioned bus shelters.

On our way into Dubai I snapped this photo.

We ate a delicious dinner here our first night in Dubai. We enjoyed it so much the 2nd night they delivered our delicious soup. I ordered the same I had tasted when in Qatar. Yummy

Abu Dhabi mall, it has water all the way around it so I took a photo.

The grandstand where they watch the F1 car racing. you drive right by it on the way into Abu Dhabi.

I learnt I really am not the adventurous type. We had a couple of days away in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. We ate out one night at a delicious place and the 2nd night ordered soup. the traffic is so scary in Dubai. Not knowing where we were or where we were going even how to get there scared me spitless. I was so not very relaxed. Poor Matthew. At least one day we took a taxi in - that eased me a little. The traffic is awful, I heard that it is a lot better since the financial crash because so many people left the country.

I will add more photos another time. We did a museum as well which was very interesting. It is still very warm here of a day. I found myself holding my breath as I watched clips of the sandstorm from over there.

I have been thinking of Angie and Nona with their special play today. I trust it went well and everyone enjoyed themselves.

Bye for now. Love RG, Mum, Rhonda, Aunty Rhonda, Nana

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