Thursday, April 8, 2010

Big Day out in Dubai with Daniel

A boy in the lolly shop. His eyes nearly fell out when he turned around from looking at the aquarium to see floor to ceiling lollies.

The aquarium that recently had a leak which shut down the world's largest mall.

Eating lunch opposite the world's tallest building. If you enlarge the photo you can see workers like ants.

Lunch with a real good looker.

Henna, not a tattoo.

Sand art.

Overlooking the Dubai creek.

Wind tower before air-conditioning.

On the balcony of a historic building overlooking the Dubai creek.

The world's largest gold ring. It has a certificate from the G. Book of world records.

In the souq (market) looking like one of the locals.

In the silvershop where he bought a CTR ring. These 2 Russian ladies wanted to see what the male necklace looked like. There is a lot of Russian money that goes through Dubai and women that work at night.

Baby dummies with real gold.

One of the dozens and dozens of gold shops.

I had to take this photo.

A shop name after a date... and the parking inspector. Quoting Daniel, "Like who is gonna argue with that dude."

Apartment building above the shops.

I didn't notice at the time but there were 2 fellows pulling carts.

Daniel and I counted as a worker was loaded up with 5 bags on his shoulders.

I wish I lived in a Happy Land where the river of lemonade flows. Truly if it did flow here I'm not so sure I would drink it any way.

Another apartment building. If you enlarge you can possibly see the cords coming down from the roof. This is for the phone, internet or TV, or they are borrowing from someone else.

Not sure if this shop should be Shining or Chinese.

Enlarge this to check out the Dubai side street traffic.

In Al Ain with Daniel, the road markings are done by hand. I bought a cheap umbrella because I forgot my hat.

A boy shop.

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