Wednesday, March 31, 2010

This is our villa where we live

Looking from the top floor down.

View from our roof.

View from our roof into the workers compound next door. They talk late into the night. This compound is outside Timothy's window.

Looking through the railings into the compound.

Looking towards our door at the roof top.

Another view across the compound.

The space we could fit a spa on our roof. Looking towards the palace next door.

Looking from our roof into the trees of the palace.

Looking across our roof top. See the ladder there. Timothy has been right up the top, but I was too scared.

Looking across our roof to our neighbours at #1.

Little walk area at the top and the door leading to the roof.

Going up!!! to the roof.

2ndfloor. Office door on the right and a small kitchen.

Looking from the main bedroom into my bathroom.

The main bedroom.

Looking from the 2nd level stairs toward the main bedroom. Built-ins for a big TV.

Looking at the 2nd level. 3 doors on the left, office, kitchen, then mainbedroom.

In the office looking outside towards the palace and into Matthew's bathroom.

The computer desk.

In the 2nd level looking into the office and small kitchen.

Stairs going to the roof and the office door.

Looking towards Timothy's bedroom and bathroom.

Looking down from the stairs into the family area.

From the entrance.

Maids room looking outside towards the main kitchen door.

Laundry in the maids room and ensuite.

looking into the maids room from under the stairs.

looking fromt he kitchen doorway towards the stairs.

The view from the downstairs kitchen out through the all tiled courtyare to the maids ensuite.

From the kitchen into the pantry to the familyroom.

The kitchen.

The family/TV room.

From the entrance to the family room.

The front door looking towards the palace.

Downstairs vanity area and WC.

From the lounge room door down the hallway to the kitchen with the vanity arean and WC on the left.

Our Grand Ballroom/lounge room.

From the entrance into the lounge room.

The entrance foyer.

Our Villa, #2.

Our 4 units.

From the road.

A better look at the gates that are never closed.

Down the road looking towards our neighbours palace. They only come once or twice a year. Haven't met the yet.
The tempory fencing on the right, then the palace then our villa.

One morning this popped up down the end of our street, and stayed for 3 days. Men were there every night.

A HUGE palace around the corner where I walk has these car awings. If you enlarge you can see the dust that washes onto the cars after rain.

The tent previously had power to run lighting and air-conditioners. This where they conected the electrical power from.

Looking back to the HUGE palace around the corner.

Another view of the tent, but can you notice the power cord across the street?

Thanks for coming on the tour of my home away from home.


  1. Rhonda
    are all those stairs with the black railings inside your unit?

    Is it cooler on the roof in the evening?

    I take it you have no maid and you have use for a ballroom?

    But surprise me if you do.

    I am enjoying all your photo-essays
    keep em coming

  2. Dear Jane,
    Sorry it took me so long to get back to you but,
    Yes all those stairs are inside our villa.
    Yes it is cooler on the roof in the evenings, we sometimes get a cool desert breeze. No wonder the people here are up so late. True NO maid, and want to have a ball at some stage with friends. <3 RG