Friday, February 19, 2010

Daniel's mission call

Daniel received his mission call in the mail while he was still in Melbourne. He was way too excited to wait until I could express post it down to him, so he had me read it out over skype. It was wonderful to be able to share the evening with so many family even though there were many miles between some of us. He will leave for the Missionary training centre early June. He will be there learning Mandarin for 3mths then serve the remainder 21mths in Taiwan. Those that joined in on the excitiment:
Matthew from the Middle East via phone, Tempanys from Melbourne with Eliza, Samuel and Daniel on Skype, in the room we had Granmum, Aunties Vicki, Wendy, Angela and Nona, Uncles Russell and Rob Cohen. Cusions that came Jarom, Michael, CC, and Abibail. Thank you Craig for filming.
Most memorable quote for the evening, "Where is Taiwan??!!!"

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